BBC claims prisoner’s terror group affiliations ‘alleged’

An article which appeared on the BBC News website’s Middle East page on August 14th under the title “Palestinian detainee on hunger strike unconscious” opens as follows:PIJ Allan

“A Palestinian held without charge by Israel has lost consciousness after nearly two months on hunger strike in protest at his detention.

Mohammed Allan, an alleged activist for the Islamic Jihad militant group, was on a respirator and was being given fluids, an Israeli hospital said.” [emphasis added]

Apparently the BBC has not seen the following at the Qatari site ‘Al Araby Al Jadeed’:

“Naser Allan says Israel arrested his son, Mohammed, in November 2014 and placed him under administrative detention for two six-month periods. He says his son was imprisoned from 2006-2009 for affiliation with the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad.”

Neither, it seems, has it noticed the following at MEMO:

“Palestinian resistance faction Islamic Jihad warned on Friday that it would end the ceasefire between Palestinian factions and Israel if its member Mohammed Allan dies, Quds Press reported.”

Likewise, the demonstrations organised by the PIJ in support of Allan appear to have escaped the BBC’s attention, as has Hamas’ opposition to the PIJ’s threats of violence.

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