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Last week members of the House of Lords debated the subject of the BBC’s finance and independence.Weekend Read

“Members highlighted the BBC as an important social, educational and cultural national institution that is admired across the world and is an important UK soft power tool.

Mismanagement of some events and high rewards for star presenters and managers were criticised, but members argued that BBC independence and sustained funding are crucial for its survival.

Some members said that the BBC was an independent body, not part of the public sector, and shouldn’t be subjected to the government’s programme of cuts. Some particularly criticised the government’s ‘over 75s deal’ with the BBC, arguing the BBC was forced to cover the cost of free licences for over 75s without consultation or debate.”

Readers can find a transcript of that debate here and two prior debates relating to review of the BBC’s charter which took place in July can be found here from column 522 and here from column 741.  

With the BBC World Service programme ‘Newshour’ this week having egregiously amplified the pernicious myth that Israel seeks to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque, the JCPA’s publication of an e-book by Nadav Shragai on the history of that myth is particularly timely. 

“Palestinians often hear from their leaders that a Muslim holy site in Jerusalem, al-Aksa mosque, is in danger of collapse – and the Jews are to blame. Whether printed in cartoons, preached in mosques or taught in schools, the lie is accepted as common knowledge across the Arab world. Millions of Muslims accept it as truth. The message is clear: Jews seek to expel the Arabs from Jerusalem.

This lie is nothing new. For the past century, Palestinian leaders have told the “Al-Aksa is in danger” lie in order to incite their people to attack Jews. It is important to expose and counter this fabrication because it remains a spark that can lead to bloodshed.”

Readers can find ‘The “Al Aksa is in Danger” Libel: The History of a Lie” – including links to pdf and e-book versions – here


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