BBC’s public purpose remit compromised by failure to report on incitement

As noted here previously, BBC News’ reporting on the stoning attack in Jerusalem on September 13th which caused the death of Alexander Levlovich, as well as injuries to two other passengers in his vehicle, was remarkable for the fact that audiences were not provided with any information concerning the identity of the attackers. A later article in which that incident was also mentioned similarly disconnected the attack from its context.Alexander Levlovich

“An Israeli motorist died earlier in the week in an accident apparently caused by a rock-throwing attack in Jerusalem.” [emphasis added]

On September 26th the Israeli security services announced the arrests of four suspects from Sur Baher in connection with that attack.

“They were identified by the Shin Bet as Muhammad Salah Muhammad Abu Kaf, 18, Walid Fares Mustafa Atrash, 18, and Abed Muhammad Abed Rabo Dawiat, 17. The fourth suspect’s identity was not revealed.

During their interrogation, according to the Shin Bet, the four admitted to setting out on the evening of Rosh Hashanah to attack Israeli cars.

Dawiat, according to the investigation, threw the stone that hit Levlovitz’s car, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and crash into a pole.” 

The Jerusalem Post adds:

“Doiat [Dawiat], who confessed to throwing the large rock that killed Levlovitz, said he wore a Hamas flag he received earlier in the month at an “Al-Aksa is in Danger” demonstration against the banning by the defense minister of two radical Muslim groups from the Temple Mount.

The rally [held in Um el Fahm – Ed.] was organized by Hamas and the [Northern] Islamic Movement, according to security forces.”

As has been noted on countless occasions on these pages, the BBC has consistently failed to inform its audiences on the issue of incitement in general and the activities of the Hamas-linked Northern Islamic Movement (including on Temple Mount) in particular.

The complete absence of coverage of that very relevant issue means that not only are BBC audiences being denied the full range of information which would enable them to properly understand this particular “international issue” but they are actively being misled with regard to the back story to violent attacks on Israeli citizens.

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