Max Blumenthal tells lies about #Israel – a continuing series

Published by Gilead Ini at CAMERA

Q: What would happen if someone with an ugly history of spreading falsehoods and fabricated quotes is invited onto an NPR-affiliated, Chicago-based public radio program?

A: A whole lot of Chicagoans would be lied to — what else?

It should have been clear to Jerome McDonnell, host of WBEZ’s Worldview, that by inviting the notoriously inaccurate anti-Israel activist Max Blumenthal, he was inviting a barrage of falsehoods.

It’s all on the record: Blumenthal lied, for example, when misquoting Zionist founding father Chaim Weizmann. He lied when claiming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the September 11 attacks. He lied when falsely attributing a statement to Ariel Sharon. He lied when misquoting CAMERA. He lied about supposed Zionist collaboration with Nazi Germany. He lied about Israel opening dams to flood the Gaza Strip. He lied about Israeli Bedouin; about a Netanyahu-backed “Jewish state” law; about Israeli funding for a radical NGO; about Israeli support for a Palestinian state; and about the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians.

So why wouldn’t he lie, on Chicago public radio, about the 2014 war between Hamas and Israel? Below, in chronological order, are some of Blumenthal’s falsehoods on the Sept. 21 edition of Worldview.

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