Independent again obfuscates Arab terror in headline on attack in Afula

Yesterday, we posted about a comically misleading headline and opening passage to an article in the Independent about a Palestinian stabbing attack on two elderly Jewish men in Jerusalem on Saturday.

Additionally, we just noticed this Independent headline in a story about the attempted stabbing by an Arab woman in Afula on Friday.

indy headline

The headline would leave the casual reader completely unaware that the woman was shot (and injured) after attempting to stab an Israeli security guard, and after refusing to drop her weapon when confronted by soldiers moments later.

Tellingly, the journalist who wrote the article at the Independent, Charlotte Silver, an anti-Israel activist who contributes to Electronic Intifada, had this to say on Twitter about the incident in Afula, which helps explain the slanted nature of the Indy piece.


tweet by ei

Of course, the woman’s ‘hands were up’ because…she was wielding a knife!

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