An Israeli mayor who does not fit into the BBC narrative

BBC coverage of the current wave of terror in Israel has included little if any reporting on the violent rioting seen in Arab towns and villages around Israel.

“An Arab Israeli man is arrested in Kafr Kanna early Sunday on suspicion of throwing rocks at security forces in late Saturday riots in the village.

Another Arab Israeli, age 17, is arrested in Bu’eine Nujeidat, east of Haifa. He is suspected of setting a tire on fire at the entrance to the nearby Jewish village of Beit Netofa.

A man and a woman were lightly injured late Saturday in a rock-throwing attack near the Galilee Arab vilage of Tour’an.

The two victims were hit by flying glass when their cars’ windows shattered after being struck by stones as they drove on Road 77 near the village.”

Rioting also took place in Um el Fahm, Rahat, Ramle and Nazareth.

“In Nazareth, some 1,500 Israeli Arabs took to the streets “in protest of the Israeli occupation,” Channel 2 reported. The demonstrators also hailed a local Arab woman who attempted to stab an Israeli security guard in a suspected terror attack on Friday. She was shot by security forces and is being treated in hospital.”

Of course the majority of Israeli Arabs have no truck with these violent disturbances and the Mayor of Nazareth went on national radio to make his views clear.

“Nazareth Mayor Ali Salem on Sunday criticized Arab Knesset members for their role in recent violent demonstrations, saying in two separate interviews to the Israeli media that their actions were detrimental to the Arab community.

“I blame the leaders; they are destroying our future, they are destroying coexistence,” Salem, the Muslim mayor of Israel’s largest Arab city, told Army Radio. […]

“We need to find a way to live together. We cannot fight like this. We are damaging ourselves,” he told Israel’s Walla website site.”

And when the head of the Joint Arab List was being interviewed by an Israeli TV channel in Nazareth on October 11th, Mr Salem found a novel way to express his displeasure.

Of course that story does not fit into the BBC’s monochrome narrative of the current wave of violence or its broader coverage of Israeli affairs.


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