Daily Mirror: terrorist was ‘shot dead’…then ‘rushed’ to an Israeli hospital. (UPDATE)

A Daily Mirror article written by Siobhan McFadyen about a Palestinian stabbing attack today in Beitar Illit (that was captured on video) included the following opening sentence:

shot dead

Later, however, we’re told something else:

she's ok


A Palestinian terrorist was shot dead.


The Palestinian terrorist was merely being treated at an Israeli hospital for gunshot wounds.

Which one was it?

Well, fortunately, the photo and caption further down in the article helps clarify events:

more interesting

Finally, we learn the ‘truth’: that the terrorist was evidently “rushed” to the hospital for medical treatment only after she was killed?

UPDATE, Nov. 11: Following a Twitter exchange with the journalist, the article has been amended to more accurately describe the medical condition of the Palestinian terrorist.

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