An article (Scottish couple tell of their insights into Middle East troubles as they ride through Palestine to raise money for charity, Nov. 20) published at the most popular news site in Scotland, the Daily Record, recounted a bike trip by a local couple, Graham and Anne Bryce, to raise money for the NGO, Medical Aid for Palestinians.  Of course, the couple’s “insights” into the “Middle East troubles” are entirely one-sided, and the reporter (Paul English) who recounts their experiences accepts their assertions at face value.
Anne and Graham Bryce
Two of the more egregious distortions are found in the following paragraph of the article:

Life in the old city is precarious for Palestinians. Their movements are restricted, they are not allowed to use vehicles, ­businesses have had to close. Soldiers enter ­Palestinian houses day or night. We walked near a ­checkpoint where, a week earlier, an 18-year-old Palestinian woman on her way to college was shot dead by a 19-year-old Israeli soldier who thought she may be carrying a knife.  Since then, more than 80 people have died, most in east Jerusalem and Hebron – six times as many ­Palestinians have died as Israelis.

First, the final sentence highlighted, which notes the putatively ‘disproportionate’ number of Palestinians killed since the latest upsurge in violence, is extraordinarily misleading as it fails to note that most of these Palestinians were killed while carrying out or attempting to carry out attacks. Almost all of the rest were killed while participating in violent demonstrations. All of the Israelis victims, in contrast, were killed in Palestinian attacks.

But, the worse distortion is in the preceding sentence, regarding the 18-year-old Palestinian woman shot at a checkpoint.

Contrary to the claim made, the Palestinian woman was not shot merely because the soldier “thought” she had a knife. She was shot after she brandished a knife and refused to drop it after being ordered to do so and reportedly lunged at soldiers.

The IDF released a photo of knife at the scene, which was widely used in UK media reports about the incident.

Contrary to the ubiquitous Palestinian propaganda during the latest surge in violence, Israeli security personnel do not shoot Palestinians merely because they have a hunch they may be carrying a weapon. They are shot after they have attacked or attempted to attack Israeli civilians and soldiers.  

Since Oct. 1st, 21 Israelis have been killed and at least 190 wounded in 75 stabbings, 10 shootings 12 car rammings.

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