Another BBC online content management fail

As was noted in BBC Watch’s submission to the DCMS charter review consultation, the fact that the BBC’s management of its online content apparently does not currently include an effective mechanism for the removal or amendment of pages which provide inaccurate or outdated information means that members of the public using that resource are liable to be materially misled.

“Management of online content over time should include the requirement to avoid materially misleading users. Articles promoting information subsequently shown to be inaccurate (e.g. claims of a ‘massacre’ which did not take place) should be clearly labelled in a manner which clarifies to readers that they do not represent historical record. In addition, the current BBC content management system does not enable members of the public searching online to receive all content on a particular topic or the newest content first. Hence, whilst more up to date content may already have been produced, users are likely to encounter out of date material which still remains on the BBC’s website but does not alert them to the fact that a replacement has been published.”

Yet another example of that phenomenon can be seen in the map below which is still available online but has not been amended to inform those viewing it that it is more than a decade out of date and does not even include a date stamp which might prompt users to search for more up to date information.

map Gaza Strip


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