ITV submission to the DCMS BBC Charter Review consultation

The submission made by ITV plc to the DCMS public consultation on BBC Charter Review can be found here.DCMS consultation

Of particular interest is the section concerning governance and regulation from page 42 onwards.

“ITV believes that there is a compelling case for the BBC to be subject in future to strong, effective and independent regulator which would define in detail and then secure the public interest obligations that the BBC is set in the current Charter process.”

ITV holds the opinion that “many of the BBC Trust’s current regulatory and supervisory functions should be given to Ofcom”, including:

“Final determination of editorial complaints (including in relation to accuracy and impartiality) in all areas of the BBC’s output on the basis of a pan-industry code.”

It adds:

“We recognize that Ofcom would need to change to accommodate such a new regime. So, for instance, there is a strong case for the Ofcom Content Board to be re-invented as a PSB oversight entity with a directly appointed Chair with strong accountability obligations direct to Parliament and the public.”

The BBC found it necessary to respond to ITV’s submission and that response can be found here.

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