Jerusalem explosives lab not newsworthy for the BBC

Had the British security services uncovered an explosives laboratory in the suburban apartment of a man recruited by a designated terrorist organisation, it is difficult to imagine that the BBC would have ignored the story.

The Times of Israel reports:

“The Shin Bet uncovered a large Hamas terror cell, among whose members were Israeli citizens, which planned to carry out suicide bombings and other terror attacks in Israel, the security service revealed on Wednesday.

The Shin Bet, alongside the IDF and Israel Police, have thus far arrested 25 Hamas operatives, the majority of them Al-Quds University in Abu Dis students, who they suspect were preparing to attack Israeli targets, the agency said in a statement. The arrests were carried out over the past few weeks.

The service also uncovered a makeshift laboratory in Abu Dis, in east Jerusalem, which was being used to create the explosives necessary for bombing attacks. It said the cell was controlled by Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip.”

The Jerusalem Post adds:

“Had the attacks not been thwarted, they could have led to mass-casualty attacks and dangerously escalated the security situation, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) warned in a statement.”

Back in October, when BBC News was still making an effort to report major incidents in the ongoing wave of Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis, the theme of ‘lone wolf attacks’ was frequently seen in the corporation’s coverage. In cases in which the terrorists had known affiliations with terror groups such as Hamas or with the Palestinian Authority and/or Fatah, those connections have for the most part been downplayed or ignored in BBC reporting. The incitement and glorification of terrorism which have underpinned the current wave of violence have not been adequately covered by the BBC and the corporation has instead opted to promote the PLO approved narrative according to which the hundreds of stabbings, vehicular attacks and shootings perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists over the last three months stem from ‘frustration’ at the lack of a political solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

This recent discovery of a Hamas-run terror cell in Jerusalem clearly does not fit into that narrative either and so – like the many previous stories concerning Hamas’ attempts to strengthen its infrastructure outside the Gaza Strip – it has not made BBC headlines.

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