BBC’s Tim Willcox featured in end of year media roundups

As previously mentioned, the most read BBC Watch post of 2015 was ‘BBC’s Tim Willcox in Paris: a new low‘ from January 11th.Willcox

Documentation of the BBC’s subsequent handling of that incident can be seen in chronological order below.

BBC response to Willcox complaints: he sent a Tweet

Update on the BBC’s response to complaints about Willcox statement

BBC ECU rejects complaints about Tim Willcox’s ‘Jewish hands’ remarks

BoD weighs in on BBC’s rejection of Willcox complaints

Update on the BBC’s handling of the Tim Willcox case

Not surprisingly, that story is featured among CAMERA’s ‘Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles for 2015’.

“In an outrageous BBC interview on January 11 on a Paris street during the mass unity rally after the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, the Jews at the Kosher market and other victims, a Jewish woman said recent events resemble the 1930s and Jews should respond by making clear they’re being targeted, Tim Willcox of the BBC interrupted her to say, “Many…many…many critics, though, of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well,” in effect proclaiming that murdering Jews in a Paris supermarket is understandable. Under a hail of criticism for the exchange, Willcox made a half-apology on Twitter, tweeting, “Really sorry for any offence caused by a poorly phrased question in a live interview in Paris yesterday – it was entirely unintentional.” The BBC took no further action, leaving one to wonder whether the BBC subscribes to irrational and bigoted views that justify murderous attacks on Jews around the world.”

The episode is also included in the list of ‘highlights’ which prompted the award of the title ‘Dishonest Reporter’ of the year to BBC News from Honest Reporting.  


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