UK media bury the shocking extremism of Israeli ‘human rights activists’ (Video)

As we noted earlier in the week, a video was broadcast on Israel’s Channel 2 which revealed that two Israeli “human rights activists” – including a Palestinian from the NGO B’Tselem and an Israeli Jew named Ezra Nawi – bragged that they “entrapped” Palestinians interested in selling land to Jews and turned them in to the PA.

Remarkably, the two ‘progressive’ activists allegedly turned these Palestinians in even though they acknowledged in the video that they likely faced torture or murder by the Palestinian secret police.  

Though a fire earlier in the week at B’Tselem’s Jerusalem offices – which turned out not to be an arson, as many assumed – was covered by multiple UK news sites, only the Telegraph even noted the Channel 2 video showing the shocking behavior by the B’Tselem worker and Ezra Nawi. 

Since the UK media continues to bury the story, likely because it undermines their decision to uncritically cite the work of such “human rights” groups when they criticize Israeli policy, we’re posting a video of the entire show (with English subtitles) which has recently been released.

[vimeo 151551704 w=500 h=281]

The true face of Israel’s radical “human rights” activists – the full report from Adkan Israel on Vimeo.



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