BBC News ignores Gaza missile attack again – in English

On the evening of January 24th a missile fired from the Gaza Strip once again sent residents of the Sha’ar HaNegev region of the western Negev running for cover. Fortunately, the projectile landed in a field belonging to one of the local communities and no injuries were caused. Several hours later the IDF responded with strikes on a Hamas training facility.BBC Arabic response missile fire 25 1

There was no coverage of that missile attack on the BBC’s English language website but – in line with a pattern seen frequently since the end of the 2014 conflict – the Israeli response was reported on the BBC Arabic website under the context-free headline “Two Israeli air strikes on Gaza“.

The same pattern was also seen earlier this month, meaning that since the beginning of 2016, the BBC’s record of reporting Gaza based terror groups’ missile attacks against Israeli civilians in the English language stands at 0% whilst its record of reporting Israeli responses to those attacks in the Arabic language stands at 100%.


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