A BBC quotee opines on Brussels terror attacks

On February 1st the BBC News website published an article which described a temporary roadblock set up following a terror attack by a member of the Palestinian Authority security forces (which it had not reported at the time) as “collective punishment”.

That allegation included a quote from “Palestinian police spokesman Adnan Damiri”.

collective punishment

Courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch we learn that the same Adnan Damiri had comments to make on the topic of the terror attacks in Brussels on March 22nd.

“Following the terror attacks in Brussels yesterday, in which at least 30 people were murdered and hundreds were injured, PA Security Forces Spokesman Adnan Al-Damiri wrote in a post on his Facebook page that the US and Europe are the ones who created international terror. He claimed, for example, that Europe and the US are responsible for “exporting Jewish terror to Palestine,” and therefore Europe is directly responsible for the terror that strikes it:

“Those who prepare the poison will taste it themselves, and today Europe is having a taste of what it prepared with its own hands.”

[Facebook page of PA Security Forces spokesman Adnan Al-Damiri, March 22, 2016]”

Let’s hope that BBC journalists remember those remarks the next time they are tempted to promote and amplify a quote from Damiri on the subject of terrorism.  


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