Incomplete BBC portrayal of sentence for gay pride murderer

On June 26th the BBC News website published an article titled “Jerusalem Gay Pride stabbing: ultra-orthodox Yishai Schlissel jailed for life” on its Middle East page which opens as follows:Schlissel sentencing art

“An Israeli court has given a life sentence to a man who killed a teenager and wounded five other marchers at last year’s Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem.”

In fact, Schlissel was sentenced to life plus 31 additional years of imprisonment.

“The Jerusalem District Court on Sunday sentenced to life behind bars Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man convicted of stabbing to death 16-year-old Shira Banki at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade last year.

Schlissel was given another 30 years in prison for attempted murders of the six other people he injured in the attack, and another year for breaking the terms of his release from prison for a similar stabbing attack he carried out in 2005.”

The article neglects to mention that he was also ordered to pay damages.

“He was also ordered to pay NIS 2.6 million ($670,000) in compensation to the families of his victims.”

No mention is made of the judges’ remarks during sentencing.

“In their ruling, the panel of three judges declared, “We have before us a man who doesn’t see people in front of him. A cruel man. A man who sees himself as ‘giving and taking life’ in the name of the principles that he set for himself to enforce.”

“This dangerous man can no longer walk the streets of Jerusalem or any other place,” they said.”

The BBC report states:

“A police investigation last year called for the removal of six senior Israeli officers over the attack.”

Readers are left to guess whether or not the recommendation was implemented.

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