BBC News continues to ignore Palestinian glorification of terror

Throughout the past year BBC audiences have on countless occasions been provided with an ‘explanation’ of Palestinian terror attacks on Israelis which goes along the following lines:

“The recent rise in violence is blamed by Palestinians on the continued occupation by Israel of the West Bank and the failure of the Middle East peace process.

Israel accuses Palestinian leaders and Islamist groups of inciting the violence.”

However, as has been noted here on equally numerous occasions, audiences have been serially denied information which would enhance their understanding of the topic of the incitement and glorification of terrorism propagated by official Palestinian sources.

Last October the BBC reported the terror attack on a public bus in Jerusalem in which two Israelis were murdered. A third person severely wounded in the same attack succumbed two weeks later but his death was not reported by the BBC. One of the two terrorists who carried out that attack was killed at the scene and his subsequent glorification by the Palestinian Scout Association has prompted the son of one of the victims of that attack to approach the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.PMW Alyan scouts

“The Palestinian Scout Association, which was accepted six months ago as a full member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, named its leadership training course that started last week after the killer of Richard Lakin.

Publicity for the Martyr – Leader Baha Alyan Course shows Alyan in a Palestinian scouts uniform. The Palestinian branch had been a non-voting conditional member of the world body for 10 years.

“Should you allow the Palestinian Scout Association to keep its membership in the World Organization of the Scout Movement at the same time as they are presenting a murderer as a role model for future scout leaders, then your organization is effectively a co-sponsor of this terror promoting course,” Micah Lakin Avni wrote to the world scouting organization in a Times of Israel blog post.”

The BBC has to date not reported that example (or others) of the manner in which terrorists are glorified by official Palestinian bodies and hence continues to deny its audiences the ability to understand why “Israel accuses Palestinian leaders and Islamist groups of inciting the violence”.

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