Indy’s snapshot of Israel: War crimes, racism and misogyny

If you were to glance at the Israel page of the Independent on Sept. 7th, this is what you would have seen.



In summary:

Two articles pertain to accusations of war crimes against Israel or its leader.

Two articles paint Israel as a misogynistic country with ultra-conservative attitudes towards women and modesty.

One article highlights comments by Israel’s police commissioner interpreted as a justification for racism.

One article focused on the alleged harassment (by settlers and police) of a Palestinian man who recorded the moment an Israeli soldier shot a disarmed Palestinian terrorist.

One article – the only one that didn’t attempt to paint Israel in a negative light – focused on a building collapse in Tel Aviv.

 Though this is only one day’s view of the Indy’s Israel page, it’s indicative of a larger pattern of systemic bias against the state at the news site – one which we’ve been documenting for years.  

For more information on the Indy’s coverage of Israel, see our posts on this page.

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