BBC News website introduces new tags

In late September 2016 we reported that the BBC News website had begun limited tagging of

“Readers may have noticed that the past few weeks have seen the appearance of tags on some of the articles appearing on the BBC News website. As has been noted here on numerous occasions (as well as in our submission to the DCMS Charter Review), the absence of tagging has until now prevented audiences from locating all the BBC’s content concerning a particular topic in chronological order. […]

To date a tag for Israel (along with many other subjects) does not appear to have been instated.

If extended and applied consistently, this innovation will obviously increase transparency and be a very welcome improvement to the service provided by the BBC News website to its audiences around the world.”

We are now able to note that three new tags were recently created: ‘Israel’ (here), ‘Israel & the Palestinians’ (here) and ‘Palestinian territories’ (here). 



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