UKMW prompts Guardian correction – editors acknowledge there’s no wall around Haifa

We finally received a response from the Guardian Readers' Editor, informing us that the correction was made. Editors removed the sentence suggesting the existence of a wall surrounding the Israeli city of Haifa, and added an addendum noting the change.

We recently posted about a Guardian article (I’m the only trip-hop artist in Palestine! The musicians shaking up the occupied territories, April 11th) so error-ridden that editors temporarily removed it from their website “pending review”. We complained to the Readers’ Editor office about several errors, two of which – an erroneous Palestinian unemployment statistic and a suggestion that the IDF engages in “summary killings” – were promptly corrected once the piece was restored. 

However, they failed to address the most egregiously inaccurate claim we had complained about, that the Israeli city of Haifa – yes, Haifa! – is surrounded by 8 metre high walls.

This morning (a week after the article was published), we saw that the false claim still hadn’t been corrected. So, we had some fun with it on Twitter.

Within the past hour, we finally received a reply from the Guardian Readers’ Editor, informing us that the correction was made.  Editors removed the sentence in question, and added the following addendum.

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