Telegraph revises inaccurate Gaza movement claim

Following communication with Telegraph editors, the erroneous claim was removed.

Earlier this week we noted that the Telegraph had published an article by Tom Rowley on May 13th – titled “Meet the Palestinian family who have tended the graves of our war dead for 60 years” – focusing on a Gazan who works as a gardener for Commonwealth Graves Commission tending to a First and Second World War cemetery in the strip. 

As was documented at the time:

“Ten paragraphs down, the Telegraph provides the following context on the location of the cemetery.

‘In the middle of the cramped concrete prison that is Gaza (with few exceptions, no one has been allowed in or out since Hamas came to power in 2007)…’

This is extraordinarily misleading. In addition to the false suggestion that there’s a “concrete” wall surrounding Gaza, the claim that “with few exceptions, no one has been allowed in or out since…2007” is absurd, as data from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the occupied Palestinian territory (OCHA oPt) demonstrates.”

Following communication from UK Media Watch, that paragraph has been amended and now reads as follows:

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