Reviewing BBC News website portrayal of Israel and the Palestinians in Q3 2017 – part one

Our quarterly round-up of BBC News website reporting.

Between July 1st and September 30th 2017, a total of fifty-eight reports with content relating to Israel and/or the Palestinians appeared on the BBC News website’s Middle East page, one of which was carried over from the previous quarter.

Some of the reports were produced by other departments (e.g. BBC Technology, BBC Travel) or appeared on other pages of the website (e.g. ‘UK’ or ‘US & Canada’) but were also posted on the Middle East page.

Although the Israeli security services recorded 435 terror attacks during the second quarter of 2017 (see ‘related articles’ below), just four of those attacks received some sort of coverage on the BBC News website.

(The dates in brackets represent the period of time in which a report was available to visitors to the website’s Middle East page.)

Israeli police killed in attack near Jerusalem holy site (14/7/17 to 17/7/17) discussed here

Three Israelis stabbed to death in West Bank attack (21/7/17 to 25/7/17) discussed here

Palestinian gunman kills three Israelis in West Bank (26/9/17 to 27/9/17) discussed here

Jerusalem holy site measures fail to halt clashes (28/7/17 to 1/8/17) discussed here

A further ten reports related to security issues arising from the July 14th terror attack near Temple Mount.

Jerusalem holy site security row explained Yolande Knell (20/7/17 to 24/7/17) discussed here

East Jerusalem: Palestinians killed as holy site tensions soar (21/7/17 to 24/7/17) discussed here

Bethlehem: Israeli forces and Palestinians clash Yolande Knell (21/7/17 to 22/7/17) discussed here

Jerusalem: Metal detectors at holy site ‘could be removed’ (22/7/17 to 23/7/17)

Jerusalem: Israel installs security cameras near holy site (23/7/17 to 24/7/17)

Jerusalem holy site tensions ‘must ease by Friday’ (24/7/17 to 25/7/17) discussed here

Israel removes flashpoint metal detectors at Jerusalem holy site (25/7/17)

Palestinians return to holy site after Israel security reversal (27/7/17 to 28/7/17)

Israel removes Jerusalem flashpoint security apparatus (27/7/17)

Jerusalem holy site: Cheers as scaffolding removed (27/7/17 to 28/7/17)

One report concerned the attack at the Israeli embassy in Jordan.

Israeli ‘kills attacker’ at Jordan embassy (24/7/17) discussed here

One report related to security measures being implemented along the border with the Gaza Strip.

Israel to speed up Gaza tunnel barrier (10/8/17 to 14/8/17) discussed here

One report related to an alleged Israeli attack on a military site in Syria.

‘Israeli jets hit Syria’s Masyaf chemical site’ – reports (7/7/17 to 11/9/17) discussed here

In all, 29.3% of the BBC News website’s reports in Q3 covered stories relating to security and/or terrorism. The additional topics found in the BBC’s coverage of Israel and the Palestinians during the third quarter of 2017 will be discussed in part two of this post.

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