No BBC reporting on preparations for upcoming Gaza border stunt

BBC audiences so far remain unaware of plans for tyre burning on Gaza border.

As at least one BBC reporter is aware, plans for a further day of rioting on Friday, March 6th along the border between Israel on the Gaza Strip include the burning of thousands of vehicle tyres.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

“In the past several days, groups of young Gazans have been collecting old tires around the Strip and bringing them to the border.

Palestinians intend to light the tires on fire to blur the vision of the soldiers on the Israeli side of the security fence, according to a Gaza-based source familiar with preparations for what he called “the Friday of Old Tires.

“The hope is that the soldiers will not be able to shoot because the thick, black smoke will block their line of vision,” he said in a phone call with The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.”

Israel has alerted the World Health Organisation to the environmental and health damage that will result from that planned action.  Additional preparations include instructions to participants:

“Instructions shared widely on Palestinian social media encouraged Gazans to not wear clothing that would stand out, and to keep their faces covered, as Israeli drones will be taking pictures of those present and will be able to identify them quickly.

The recommendations on one widely shared video urged Gazans not to wear clothes they sport in their Facebook profile pictures.

“Only Palestinian flags are to be brought to the demonstration so as not to reveal your political affiliation,” said the narrator in the video.

Moreover, women were encouraged to bring mirrors and laser pointers in order to blind IDF soldiers on the other side of the border.”

Hamas has also put out instructions to its members and has promised cash payments to those killed or injured in the ‘Great Return March’ rioting.

“The Hamas terrorist group which rules the Gaza Strip on Thursday paid the families of Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli forces on the border.

In a statement, a spokesperson the Gaza rulers pledged $3,000 to the relatives of those killed by Israeli fire. Palestinians injured by Israeli troops in the clashes would also receive $200-$500 in compensation from the terror group, depending on the level of injury, the Hamas spokesman said.

The terror group began distributing the money on Thursday, according to Palestinian media.”

With all that information in the public domain, it will be interesting to see whether or not the BBC continues to portray the pre-planned propaganda initiated by Hamas and other terror factions in the Gaza Strip as ‘peaceful demonstrations’ and Israel’s response as ‘disproportionate’.

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