A historian reviews a BBC ‘history’ video

In July the BBC published what purports to be a history of Zionism.

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Back in July we documented the appearance of a highly problematic video titled “What is Zionism? A very brief history” which appeared on the BBC’s ‘Ideas’ platform and on the BBC News website’s ‘Middle East’ page, where it remained for fourteen consecutive days.

In which the BBC asks ‘is Zionism wrong?’

The Jerusalem Post has published a critique of the same video by Dr Roza I. M. El-Eini – a specialist in British Mandate Palestine and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

“…Shindler’s presentation on Zionism is so desiccated, so unsympathetic and ridiculing of the Jewish plight and of the Jews’ desperate desire for national self-determination, for Am Israel Chai, that, by any standards, it is unworthy of critique. However, since Shindler prepared this for no less a public organization than the BBC, with its vast and sprawling network across the internet and the world, and proudly puts it on his own website, it has to be scrutinized for what it is and a record of this scrutiny is here made.”

Read the rest of the critique here.

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