UKMW prompts Guardian correction to claim regarding Rashida Tlaib

Following communication from UK Media Watch, the Guardian revised an extremely misleading claim regarding US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib's proposed trip to the region.

Though the Guardian’s Nov. 5th report about the Israeli Supreme Court’s ruling on Human Rights Watch regional director Omar Shakir was – as we detailed in yesterday’s post – full of distortions, we lodged an official complaint to their readers’ editor over one egregiously misleading claim.

The claim in question was in a sentence within the article attempting to provide context on the broader effort by Israel to fight BDS:

In its most high-profile use, Israel blocked in August two US congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, from a planned trip to Palestine and Jerusalem.

As we noted to editors, the Guardian itself reported on Aug. 16th that the Israeli prime minister subsequently decided to allow Tlaib to visit the West Bank on humanitarian grounds – so she could visit her family.  Though the congresswoman rejected the prime minister’s offer, the claim that Israel “blocked” her entry is not accurate.

Our complaint was upheld, and this new sentence was added to the article:

Israel later agreed to a request by Tlaib to visit on humanitarian grounds on the condition that she did not express her views on the boycott. Tlaib rejected the offer.

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  • I usually smile at your claimed successes in obtaining press corrections since the changes are so trivial. You’ve excelled yourself this time. The concession by Netanyahu was meaningless. These were politicians whose visit was intended to assess the political situation and to comment appropriately. Barring the one and restricting the other to family visits still amounts to denying freedom of speech to representatives of Israel’s greatest ally and biggest funder.
    Omar was denied admission apparently for pointing out what everybody knows – that AIPAC has 90% of Congress in its pocket Some tropes are just true…..

    • “that AIPAC has 90% of Congress in its pocket Some tropes are just true…..”

      A lie. AIPAC gives no monies to Congress and so has no Congressmen in its pocket.

      “denying freedom of speech to representatives of Israel’s greatest ally and biggest funder.”

      Another set of lies. Omar and Tlaib retain freedom of speech almost everywhere in the world, to defame Israel and Jews. They just cannot do so in Israel, a country which is not theirs and which they have no right to attempt to control with their antisemitic neo-imperialism.

      Further, defamation is not ordinarily included in protected free speech.

      Nor is the USA Israel’s biggest funder. US aid is less than 1% in amount of Israel’s GDP and must be spent in the USA, thus funding the USA, not Israel. Israel’s biggest funder is its own hard-working and inventive people.

  • It’s still problematic. Would it be the case if a TV reporter in Israel asked her about her views on BDS and she answered that it would violate the terms? I don’t think so, but that’s what the Guardian has implied.

  • These “Squad” members turned down the Congressional fact finding trip to Israel that concluded just prior to their contrived political theatre disguised as moral outrage. The Congresswomen were highly likely to incite crowds & to continue their anti-semitic jibes & slurs, neither of which Israel has any obligation to tolerate. In fact, so despicable was these representatives obvious Jew-Hatred, the Government of Israel had a duty to protect its citizens from such Vile & Hateful politicians. Furthermore, the semi-Squad had previously made it clear that they would NOT meet with any Israeli Cabinet Minister or the PM, a stunningly rude tactic to employ on one’s host. Let’s get real! They both were itching to be banned, yet even then Israel’s fair-minded generosity shone brightly to the end!

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