Liverpool Echo apologises for antisemitic letter

We complained to Liverpool Echo editors about their publication's decision to publish such a hateful letter - one which advances the antisemitic narrative that the Israeli intelligence agency is helping to orchestrate the entire Labour antisemitism scandal, and they responded with a clear apology.

On Nov. 29th, the Liverpool Echo published a truly warped letter to the editor which included an antisemitic conspiracy theory and likened the British Chief Rabbi to the devil.

CORBYN is absolutely right, for once, not to apologise for alleged, unproven, and massively exaggerated “anti-Semitism” in the Labour Party (No Corbyn apology to Jewish people, ECHO, November 27).

This is a CIA/MI5/Mossad “red herring,” in the literal sense. It was invented by the spooks, in collusion with Blairite right-wing Labour MPs, and eagerly propagated by a servile capitalist press and media, to undermine, smear, and discredit Corbyn’s Labour as part of the ruling class strategy to stop Labour winning the General Election, and to preserve the rotten capitalist status quo in this country.

This smear campaign is utterly without foundation, and has zero support among Labour’s 500,000-strong membership. It is a CIA/ MI5/ Mossad “black operation” which is similar to the disinformation and deception stategy of the US and British High Command in the run-up to the Normandy landings, in June, 1944. The plan then was to convince the Nazis the invasion of France would be at the Pas-de-Calais, rather than Normandy, and all sorts of ruses, lies, and fake armies were used to successfully deceive Hitler and his Generals, caught unawares by the Normandy landings.

Now the same propaganda tricks are being employed against Corbyn and Labour. Corbyn’s refusal to apologise for this capitalist-inspired hot-air balloon does not, however, go far enough. He should have launched a Labour counter-offensive on the issue, pointing out it is not only a red herring, but is also deliberately designed to smear anyone who criticises Netanyahu’s vicious right-wing Israeli regime and its barbaric repression of the Palestinians with the false label of “anti-Semitism.”

The unelected “Chief Rabbi”, Ephraim Mirvis, is an outspoken supporter of both Islamophobe Johnson, and racist Trump. Everything that issues from this Chief Rabbi’s mouth is procapitalist, anti-Socialist, and truly mendacious.

For him to accuse Corbyn of mendacity is like the Devil accusing Christ of sin, and an inversion of the truth.

James Roberts, Wallasey.

We complained to Liverpool Echo editors about their decision to publish such a hateful letter – one which advances the conspiratorial claim that Israel’s intelligence agency is helping to orchestrate the ‘fake’ Labour antisemitism scandal – and they responded thusly:

While we would always support freedom of speech we accept that the letter should not have been published. In this case it slipped through a normally rigorous checking procedures. We have spoken to the journalists concerned.

The Liverpool Echo prides itself on fairness and tolerance and our own views on anti-Semitism were made clear in our pre-election leader column published on Monday.

We apologise for any offence caused by the published letter.

No further submissions from the contributor will be considered.

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