BBC News website replaces irrelevant photo

Last week we noted that an article by BBC Technology published on the BBC News website’s ‘Middle East’ page on April 23rd used an unrelated photograph taken in Hebron to illustrate an otherwise reasonable report.

BBC News illustrates a report about Israel with an irrelevant image

CAMERA UK made a complaint on that issue but has yet to receive a reply. Nevertheless, the photograph was subsequently replaced with a more appropriate one on or about April 28th.


On May 7th we received the following reply:


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2 replies on “BBC News website replaces irrelevant photo”
  1. says: Sid Levine

    The question is why did the editors of the web news page use an unrelated photograph in the first page. It is clear it is a matter of Antisemitism by the BBC that has unrelated over the years to cast Israel and the Jewish people in a bad light inciting its readers continually.
    The governors of the BBC must be held responsible.
    Had they used a similar photograph with similar text regarding a Muslim country then there would have been a diplomatic incident and protests by Muslims in the streets of London, Bradford and Manchester outside BBC premises

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