British music site removes pejorative reference to Zionism

In a May 6th review of season 4 of HBO’s science fiction series West World in the British music and pop culture site NME, critic Christopher Hooton somehow managed to throw in this pejorative reference to Zionism:

You don’t need to know a thing about the show to realize that, in the mind of Hooton, Zionism is synonymous with hatred, conflict and violence.

We tweeted the journalist and emailed editors, who responded by removing the reference to Zionism.

Here’s the revised passage:

Unfortunately, there’s no editor’s note, and no apology for the completely gratuitous smear against Israel and the overwhelming majority of diaspora Jews who are Zionists.

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  1. says: Margie in Tel Aviv

    Hooton’s twitter bio makes mention of Channel4.

    How embarrassed I would be to be like them and to walk in the footsteps of the bigots of Europe who populated the centuries who at best despised the people who are proving themselves daily, having established a flourishing innovative state while absorbing huge tranches of immigrants and fighting off terrorists as well as organised armies of up to six states at any one time. There is every chance that the world’s current challenge, CV19, will be best handled by science emerging from Israel which will be claimed and disparaged as usual by the same tiny, envious minds

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