The Sun and Scottish Sun correct omission on Egypt’s blockade of Gaza

An article published in The Sun, and it’s Scottish brand, “Holy city Bethlehem is shut down for 48 hours as surge in coronavirus infections hits Palestine’s West Bank”, June 27th, included the following sentence:

Meanwhile, in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian enclave blockaded by Israel, 72 people have tested positive for coronavirus, with one death.

As we pointed out to editors, the sentence omits the fact that Gaza is also blockaded by Egypt – a blockade that is actually far more restrictive than Israel’s.  Further, we noted, previous articles at these publications have correctly informed readers that both Israel and Egypt enforce a blockade.

Our complaint was upheld, and the sentences were amended in both articles – which now read:

Meanwhile, in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian enclave blockaded by Israel and Egypt, 72 people have tested positive for coronavirus, with one death.

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  1. Because of the long established reputation of the BBC founded on the basis of integrity
    and impartiality by men of substance like Lord Reith, there is now a cloak of respectability masking
    the covert activities of people like Jeffrey Bowen and Yolande Dolan who are inventive in their Middle East Reports insidiously biased against Israel. The problem is that they have become
    opinionated polarisers and are prostituting the professional art of impartial reporting

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