Sky News Arabia omits terror acts of Covid-19-infected Palestinian prisoner

Once again, Sky News Arabia has whitewashed the heinous acts of a Palestinian terrorist who Israel lawfully imprisons.  In a video report broadcast on July 18th, the station’s West Bank correspondent Firas Lutfi decided to serve as a mouthpiece for efforts to release Palestinian prisoner Kamal Najeeb Ameen Abu Wa’ar of Fatah.

Having been infected with Covid-19 while being treated for throat cancer in an Israeli hospital, Abu Wa’ar is the first confirmed case of the virus among Palestinian prisoners.  After noting this, Lutfi continued to provide favorable coverage for the joint demand of the PA and PFLP-affiliated NGO “Ad-Dameer” to free him immediately, both relying on the faux “international law” smokescreen rather than a serious legal argument.

However, Lutfi failed to inform his viewers that Abu Wa’ar was convicted for his role in the murder of four Israelis: three civilians (including a teenager) and a soldier, a conviction based in part on his own admission.

All four separate incidents took place between October 2000 and August 2001:

  1. On October 2nd, 2000, Abu Wa’ar was part of the armed mob who shot at the compound of Joseph’s Tomb, causing the wounding and later death of Border Police Cpl. Madhat Yusuf.
  2. On October 19th, 2000, Abu Wa’ar was part of the Fatah terrorist squad who shot Rabbi Binyamin Herling, 64, dead in Mount Ebal near Nablus. Out of the group of hikers at whom the fire was opened, four more Israelis were wounded.
  3. On May 8th, 2001, Abu Wa’ar was part of the Fatah terrorist squad who shot and stabbed Arye Orlando Arganouni, 48, as he was guarding an orchard near the settlement of Itamar.
  4. On August 9th, 2001, Abu Wa’ar was part of the Fatah terrorist squad who gunned down a car driving four schoolgirls, killing Aliza Malka, 17, and wounding three of her friends. The incident took place near the girls’ boarding school in Kibbutz Merav, nearby the West Bank.

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