CAMERA UK prompts correction to BBC report on Golan Heights incident

Earlier this week we noted that a BBC News website report failed to provide readers with the accurate location of an attempted attack in the Golan Heights.

“Regarding the August 2nd incident, readers were told that:

“The IDF said earlier it had killed four men planting explosives near the Israeli-occupied sector of Golan Heights late on Sunday.” […]

In fact the IDF clarified that the incident took place on the Israeli side of the ceasefire line known as the A-line (which marks the western side of the demilitarised zone between Israel and Syria) rather than “near” it.”

CAMERA UK submitted a complaint on that issue and the next day we received the following reply from the BBC News website:

“Thank you for getting in touch about our article Israel strikes Syrian army bases after Golan Heights attack.

After considering your point we have amended this section of the article to now say:

The IDF said earlier it had killed four men planting explosives at the perimeter of the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights late on Sunday.

The Israeli military said the cell had crossed into a section of Israeli territory but outside the border fence.

We have also added a correction note advising readers of this change.”

The article was indeed corrected on August 4th and the footnote reads as follows:

Along with many members of the public who have contacted us on the issue, we have for several months been experiencing very long delays in the handling of complaints by the BBC, ostensibly due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It is therefore worth noting the BBC News website’s timely response to this and a previous complaint.

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