Scottish media outlet corrects erroneous reference to Tel Aviv

On Sept. 29th we contacted editors at The Herald – and tweeted – about an article by Anthony Harwood (former foreign editor of the Daily Mail) which erroneously suggested that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.

In our complaint, we noted that multiple media outlets (including the Guardian, Independent, Daily Mail, NY Times, Associated Press, Washington Post, and LA Times) have, following communication with CAMERA, corrected articles which, implicitly or explicitly, claimed that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.

We also reminded editors of the 2012 ruling by the Press Complaints Commission (the predecessor to IPSO) stating that it’s wrong to inform readers that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.

Our complaint was upheld, and the word “Tel Aviv” was replaced with “Israel” in the sentence – though, as is usually the case with such corrections, the more accurate word, “Jerusalem”, to signify the country, was not added.

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  • It takes a university education/indoctrination to turn a rational level headed student into a hate spewing ignorant antisemitic reporter who denies the truth that Jerusalem has been Israel’s capital for thousands of years.

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