Weekend long read

1) The ITIC reports on the Palestinian Authority’s latest plans concerning payments to terrorists.

“Israel recently informed the Palestinian Authority (PA) that on January 1, 2021, after a number of postponements, the banks in Judea and Samaria would be banned from providing banking services to the families of shaheeds, prisoners and released prisoners who receive monthly payments from the PA. That means that any bank that transfers funds or anyone who receives funds for the aforementioned persons exposes himself to confiscation, forfeiture and legal suits. According to PA data, the banks handle about 25,000 accounts of the families of Palestinian prisoners and shaheed family members. At the end of December 2020, before the enforcement of the Israeli ban, the PA proposed paying the prisoners and families of shaheeds three months in advance. According to Qudri Abu Bakr, chairman of the authority of prisoners and released prisoners’ affairs, towards the end of December 2020 the PA will pay for the coming three months, thereby circumventing Israel’s threats against the banks.”

2) At the JCPA Yoni Ben Menachem documents Egypt’s discovery of ‘the Financial Terrorist Ties between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas’.

“The Egyptian investigation also revealed financial activity related to the Hamas organization. The inquiry announced that the Muslim Brotherhood was investing Hamas money in several companies in Egypt and abroad, in exchange for 30 percent of the profits.

Hamas leaders held meetings to raise more money in several Arab countries, including Syria and Algeria, in addition to the financial aid they receive from Iran. The international fund of the Muslim Brotherhood takes and invests 60 percent of these donations. The remaining 40 percent is distributed amongst the leaders of the movement, and 30 percent of the profits are transferred to Hamas.”

3) Jacob Nagel and Jonathan Schanzer of the FDD discuss ‘The Powerful Implications of Israel’s Successful Missile Defense Test’.

“The Israeli Missile Defense Organization and U.S. Missile Defense Agency announced earlier this month the successful completion of a series of tests of a multilayered missile defense system using the David’s Sling, Iron Dome and Arrow systems.

Under the auspices of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the tests simulated a variety of advanced threats, including low-altitude cruise missiles, long-range ballistic missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and more. The tests integrated multiple interception systems, using a single command and control node to build a picture of the threats in real time, while deploying each individual interception system to operate independently.

Success was not a foregone conclusion: There are significant technological and operational differences between these systems, such as maneuverability, range and cost. But the tests proved the systems can work simultaneously.”

4) The IDF sums up 2020 in numbers, including details of its contribution to fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.

Wishing all our readers a happy and healthy 2021.

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