BBC acknowledges antisemitism in Somali language programme

Late last month we posted about a programme aired on the BBC’s Somali service in December 2020:


With the deadline for submission of a complaint having expired by the time we were alerted to the issue, CAMERA UK wrote to the director of the BBC World Service, Jamie Angus, who swiftly informed us of his intention to look into the matter.

A review was conducted but in the meantime Mr Angus moved to a new position and so the reply we received on February 16th came from the Interim Director of the BBC World Service, Mary Hockaday.

That response includes the following:

CAMERA UK has written to the BBC again to point out that to date no statement concerning that programme appears on the BBC’s ‘corrections and clarifications’ page


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  1. says: Grimey

    Commenting in my role as your resident conspiracy theorist, this story adds up perfectly: the BBC broadcasts a whole bunch of controlled anti-Semitism, pretends it was a mistake, promises to correct it (which wouldn’t be of much use anyway) and then doesn’t correct it. Somebody tell me it was all innocent (ha ha).

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