Guardian omits Palestinian vaccine obligations under Oslo

A March 3rd Guardian article (“Denmark under pressure to drop plans to work with Israel on vaccines”) included the following:

Human rights organisations have argued that international law requires Israel to provide Palestinians with similar access to vaccines as its own citizens.

However, whilst providing the view of “human rights” organisations, the article, by the Guardian’s Brussels Bureau Chief Daniel Boffey, omitted the fact that many argue that the Oslo Accords (specifically, Article 17) clearly calls for the Palestinian Authority to provide vaccines to Palestinians.

This omission is notable because even the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent consistently includes this information, to provide balance, when writing about the vaccine row.

Here’s one example from a recent Guardian article:

Israeli officials claim that under the 1990s-era Oslo peace accords, the authority, which has limited self-rule, is responsible for vaccinating Palestinians.

Last week, we prompted a correction at Financial Times to an article about the vaccine row which had similarly omitted the Oslo Accords’ clear mandate for the PA to provide healthcare, including vaccines, to Palestinians.

We’ve complained to Guardian editors about this serious omission, and asked that they amend the article accordingly.

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  1. says: Neil C

    Obviously bigotted Boffey redacted the key information to denigrate Israel, well everyone knows that anything is acceptable at the Grauniad like aggressive cancer these “journalists” crawl into every facet of an industry to increase the necrosis

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