Guardian corrects article that placed Israeli rap artists in “Palestine”

On March 15th, we posted about a Guardian article, about what the author claimed was a lack of international inclusivity in the Grammy Awards global music category, that erroneously placed an Israeli rap group, Da Arabian MCs, in “Palestine”.

As we noted in our email to Guardian editors, all the band members are Israeli citizens, and the group is based in the city of Lod.  Today, we learned that our complaint was upheld, and the location corrected.

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  1. says: Neil C

    The Grauniad had little choice but to correct their lies, however like other media outlets that post anti-Israel information they hope that their lies will be picked up and propagated by other so called ‘news and media outlets’ to heighten the anti-Israel world opinion of the only Jewish State in the world. Palestine is not and never has been a country, but of course they know that

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