The Times contradicts itself on IDF attack against Hamas

An article published today (“Inside Gaza: ‘Israelis bombed a block 500 metres away but still my building shook’”, May 13) is a first person account by Nizar Sadawi, a freelance journalist, fixer and propagandist based in Gaza.
It included the following sentence, concerning a recent IDF attack on a building in Gaza used by Hamas.

Then there was the Hanadi Tower, the tallest building in Gaza, with 13 storeys, which was hit yesterday. Israel claims militants were living there, but even if so they obviously do not care about the other residents.

However, according to multiple news reports, the residents were given warnings an hour before the attack, telling them to leave:

According to Channel 12 and an UNRWA official, prior to the strike people in the building received several warnings, including phone calls and messages, telling them to leave and a preliminary “roof-knocking” strike — using a small missile to strike the roof with minimal damage in order to cause all inside to leave before a major strike.

Of even greater relevance, an earlier article at The Times itself, by Anshel Pfeffer, on May 12th (“UN warns of full-scale war as Hamas and Israel trade blows”) included the following about that attack:

A 13-storey residential tower in the Gaza Strip hit by an Israeli airstrike collapsed soon afterwards, witnesses said. It housed an office used by the Hamas political leadership. Residents and people living nearby had been warned to leave an hour before the strike.

Given that The Times had already reported that residents of the building were warned to leave an hour before the strike, the publication of a subsequent article claiming the opposite represents, at best, an egregious editorial oversight.
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