Five questions for Mohammed el-Kurd the British media won’t ask

Mohammed el-Kurd

In previous posts, we’ve commented on fawning profiles of Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah activist Mohammed el-Kurd published at both the The Times and Financial Times – as well as a (seemingly unedited) diatribe/op-ed by Kurd in the Guardian which was riddled with falsehoods.

The interviews by Times and FT journalists avoided any challenging questions, accepted every claim Kurd made at face value and framed him as a progressive activist who’s merely fighting to save his family from eviction.  Yet, as we showed in our posts, even the most cursory research of previous comments he’s made during interviews and, especially, on social media paint a much different picture, one fiercely at odds with the desired narrative.

So, based on our research of his Twitter account, we decided to circulate questions we’d ask Kurd – who’s claimed he has “no problem with Jews” – if given the opportunity.

1. On Twitter you recently referred to Zionism as a “death cult“, and praised as eloquent a video by the late Kwame Ture where he called Zionism “Satanic“.  Do you stand by these remarks?  If so, would you agree that you’re saying, in effect, that the overwhelming majority of the world’s Jews (who, of course, are Zionists) support a Satanic death cult?

 2. On Twitter, you complained that it’s “psychotic” to ask Palestinians to refrain from violence.  Does this mean you support Palestinian terror attacks?

3. On Twitter, you claimed there’s no archaeological evidence that the 1st and 2nd Temples existed, despite the fact that there is no serious historical debate about their existence.  Many would accuse you of erasing Jewish history and falsely denying their connection to the land. How do you respond?

4. During an interview on MSNBC in June, the host asked you if you thought the new government (led by Naftali Bennett) would change anything for the better for Palestinians?  You responded by saying “No”, and that ‘all Israelis are the same. They’re all terrorists’.  I’m sure you’d agree that if, say, an Israeli settler said “all Palestinians are the same, they’re all terrorists”, you’d call that racist.  How is what you said any different?

5. On Twitter, you asked God to rid the world of Zionists. How is this not a call for the mass murder of Jews?

Those not blocked on Twitter by the fluent English speaker are encouraged to send them his way: @m7mdkurd

We await his response.

See the Arabic version of this post here.

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  1. says: Geary

    I don’t know whether is hypocrisy or schizophrenia, or both.

    For our media, dead Jews are good, the Holocaust was bad.

    But living Jews are constantly vilified and all those who wish to bring about a second Holocaust in the Middle East are either excused or actually praised.

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