Guardian op-ed actually suggests the UN doesn’t condemn Israel enough

We’ve looked into it, and it appears that a Guardian op-ed  arguing that the UN hasn’t condemned Israel enough isn’t a parody, and (based on the date it was published) doesn’t appear to be an April Fool’s joke or a Purim Spiel.  Here’s the headline of the Sept. 25th piece, co-authored by long-time Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi and former Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi:

In addition to hurling false charges of apartheid and the antisemitic charge of “Jewish supremacy” at Israel, the modern revival to the 1975 Soviet-PLO ‘Zionism is racism’ resolution, the op-ed argues that only if the UN General Assembly (UNGA) acts to hold Jerusalem accountable and investigate their crimes can it “restore faith” in its ability to act on the most pressing issues. It also calls on the UNGA to form a “special UN committee” to “dismantle” Israel’s racist policies.

Evidently, the co-authors are somehow unaware that Israel is not only already on the UN’s “agenda”, but, year after year, is obsessively critical of of the Jewish state whilst ignoring truly horrific human rights abuses by other nations. From 2015 till today, according to UN Watch, the UNGA has passed 157 country specific condemnatory resolutions, 112 of which (71% of the total) were against Israel. By comparison, during that time, Iran only garnered 5 such condemnatory resolutions, North Korea 6, and Syria 8. China has not been condemned at all.

At the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), there have been 170 country specific condemnatory resolutions, 95 of which targeted Israel (56% of the total), which is nearly nine times as many as the resolutions critical of Iran. In fact, Israel is the only country at the UNHRC whose human rights record is examined under a special agenda item (No. 7), while all other countries’ records are scrutinized in the general debate.  It has adopted zero resolutions on gross human rights abuses perpetrated by nations such as China, Cuba, Egypt, Gaza, Russia, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

In 2019, UN’s 54-nation economic and social council, a principal organ of the world body, condemned Israel as the world’s only violator of women’s rights.

It’s not just that the UN’s myopic focus on Israel is intrinsically unjust to the Jewish state. The enormous amount of the body’s attention putatively devoted to helping the Palestinians ensures that millions of human rights victims around the world – including Palestinians who are victimised by the PA and Hamas – are denied the international attention they so sorely deserve.  The fact that the Guardian columnists want the UN to focus even more of its energy to demonising Israel – the most progressive country in the region by far – whilst continuing to ignore far, far greater injustices, just demonstrates that their agenda has absolutely nothing to do with human rights.

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  1. says: Grimey

    The silly derogative article in The Grauniad merely indicates the extent to which many UK media have been infiltrated by Islamists and Arabists. With only one Israeli state voice against 23 Arab states, it is no wonder that the UN also succumbs to the anti-Semitic canards.

  2. says: Neil C

    The UN is the laughing stock in the world arena due to its inability to separate fact from the fiction, lies that are daily fed to it by anti-Israel supporters like the PSC. Subsequently, those lies are then disseminated by so-called journalists from pathetic rags like the Grauniad to the gullible population of the world. It seems that the Islamist movement has infiltrated all aspects of life in the fifty majority Muslim countries in the world, along with all Western media outlets especially the BBC and is now displaying anti-Brexit and anti-British traits.

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