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1) At the Jerusalem Post, Khaled Abu Toameh reports on a phone call related to a compromise in the Sheikh Jarrah property dispute proposed by Israel’s High Court of Justice.

“Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has urged families from the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah to reject a compromise that would allow them to remain in their homes for 15 years. […]

On Tuesday, Haniyeh, who is based in Qatar, received a phone call from the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, who briefed him on the latest developments surrounding the dispute, according to a report by the Hamas-affiliated Palestine Information Center.”

2) The Times of Israel reports on the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of Palestinian Authority debts to the Israel Electric Corporation.

“The Israel Electric Corporation has reportedly threatened to begin cutting power to Palestinian areas of the West Bank next week over some half a billion shekels ($157 million) in unpaid bills. […]

Two weeks ago, the PA was notified for the second time by Israeli authorities of pending blackouts if the mounting debt was not addressed. Recognizing that it won’t be able to come up with the funds in the immediate term, Ramallah has presented Israel with a list of areas it is asking to be excluded from the blackout zones, Kan said. These include towns with hospitals or other essential facilities.”

3) At the INSS Orna Mizrahi and Yoram Schweitzer analyse Hizballah’s response to domestic challenges.

“With Lebanon in a state of crisis, Hezbollah is acting determinedly and using all the means at its disposal to prevent a decline in its status. The struggle is currently focusing on the investigation into the explosion in Beirut Port in August 2020. Hezbollah seeks to obstruct this investigation, because it fears that it will be blamed; for their part, Hezbollah’s opponents are attempting to preserve the independence of Lebanon’s legal system. This is the background to the violent clash that broke out in Beirut on October 14, 2021 during a demonstration by Hezbollah and Amal members. The demonstrators demanded the dismissal of the judge appointed to head the investigation; the judge, meantime seeks to complete the investigation, despite the threats against him.”

4) Yoni Ben Menachem discusses ‘Iran’s Bellicose Message to the United States and Israel’ at the JCPA.

“Iran appears to be changing its retaliation strategy regarding Israeli attacks on Iranian targets in Syrian territory. The Iranians claim that the Israeli Air Force is using the U.S. base in Tanf and that Israeli drones are occasionally launched at Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq.

Iran, Syria, and Russia oppose the presence of the Americans on Syrian territory. The barrage against the base in Tanf was intended to send messages to Israel and the United States and to expedite the American military withdrawal from Syria.”

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