Throughout the month of June 2022, twenty written or filmed reports relating to Israel and/or the Palestinians appeared on the BBC News website’s ‘Middle East’ page, some of which were also published on other pages and four of which were carried over from the previous month.

(dates in brackets indicate the time period during which the item was available on the ‘Middle East’ page)

One report concerned counter-terrorism operations:

Three Palestinian militants killed amid West Bank clashes with Israeli troops Raffi Berg (17/6/22 to 24/6/22) discussed here

One item carried over from May concerned the release of a Japanese terrorist:

Japanese Red Army founder Shigenobu freed after 20 years (28/5/22 to 2/6/22) discussed here

One item was about Israelis held hostage by terrorists:

Hisham al-Sayed: Hamas video claims to show captive Israeli (29/6/22 to 2/7/22) discussed here

One item concerned the BDS campaign:

Ben & Jerry’s criticises resumption of sales in Israeli settlements Jonathan Josephs (29/6/22 to 3/7/22) discussed here

Two items (one of which was carried over from the previous month) concerned Iran:

Iran lied about banned nuclear activity using stolen documents – Israel Raffi Berg (31/5/22 to 6/6/22)

Kidnap alert heightens Iran-Israel shadow war fears Suzanne Kianpour (25/6/22 to present) discussed here

Two items concerned international relations:

Joe Biden to visit Middle East allies amid strains Raffi Berg (14/6/22 to 20/6/22) discussed here

EU eyes Israeli natural gas in deal with Egypt (15/6/22 to 21/6/22) discussed here

One report related to Palestinian affairs:

European Union to unfreeze aid for Palestinians David Gritten (14/6/22 to 17/6/22) discussed here

One item concerned the death of an Al Jazeera journalist in May:

Shireen Abu Aqla: UN says an Israeli shot killed Al Jazeera journalist Raffi Berg (24/6/22 to 29/6/22) discussed here

One report can be classified as miscellaneous:

Top Gun maker Paramount sued over copyright breach Annabelle Liang (7/6/22 to 9/6/22)

Of nine items concerning Israeli affairs, two were about politics:

Israel heading to polls as coalition moves to dissolve parliament Raffi Berg (20/6/22 to 27/6/22)

Israel gets new PM as Netanyahu targets comeback Raffi Berg & Yolande Knell (30/6/22 to present)

One related to potential legislation:

Israel and Palestinians in flag furore amid ban move Yolande Knell (2/6/22 to 7/6/22) discussed here

One concerned a legal case:

Israel Palestinians: Court finds Gaza aid worker guilty of diverting funds to Hamas Yolande Knell (15/6/22 to 22/6/22) discussed here

One concerned cyber security:

Strava app flaw revealed runs of Israeli officials at secret bases David Gritten (21/6/22 to 28/6/22)

One item concerned illegal migrants:

What happened when Israel sent its refugees to Rwanda Daisy Walsh (in updates 23/6/22 to 26/6/22. Moved to ME page 26/6/22 to present)

Three items – two of which were carried over from the previous month – concerned events in the Israeli calendar:

Jerusalem Flag March: Israeli nationalists stream through Muslim Quarter Raffi Berg (29/5/22 to 3/6/22) discussed here

Jerusalem Flag March: Israeli nationalists stream towards Muslim Quarter Yolande Knell (29/5/22 to 15/6/22)

Gay rights: Jerusalem celebrates 20 years of pride marches (2/6/22 to 7/6/22)

In addition – not included in our count – two items appeared in the ‘updates’ section underneath the ‘Middle East’ page but not on the page itself:

Labour councillor suspended over alleged anti-Semitic remarks discussed here

Once again BBC audiences saw no new reporting whatsoever on Palestinian internal affairs throughout the month. Stories the BBC apparently did not consider newsworthy included multiple incidents of violence against journalists by PA security forces, the use of violence by the Hamas-run police force and home demolitions in the northern Gaza Strip,  altercations at a university, illegal trade in UNRWA aid, the cancellation of a concert in Ramallah, the expulsion of a member of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, the release on bail of suspects in the Nizar Banat case, fatal clashes between rival clans in Hebron and allegations of torture in PA-run prisons.

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