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1) At the blog of the European Journal of International Law, Rosa Freedman discusses ‘Accusations against the UN Commission of Inquiry on Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories’.

“These remarks may seem inconsequential to many people, particularly those who do not follow what happens in the UN human rights system, or those who are not interested in the Israel/Palestine conflict. Israel has long-been the focus of excessive and disproportionate attention from the UN human rights mechanisms. And antisemitic tropes are as old as Christianity. But Kothari’s remarks threaten the legitimacy, credibility and the future existence of all independent UN human rights mechanisms.”

2) The ITIC reports on additional Fatah summer camps for children.

“Apparently, the Fatah camp in Bayta was held because of the increasing participation of Fatah and its military-terrorist wing in the recent violent clashes between the Israeli security forces and Palestinians (Operation Wave Breaker) in Jenin and Nablus. The violence is encouraged by the PA and Fatah, including their leadership. In addition, Bayta was apparently not randomly chosen as the venue for the summer camps. During the past year the region has been a focal point for riots between Israeli security forces and Palestinians from the village and its immediate surroundings, who protest the establishment of the Eviatar outpost (which was evacuated a year ago and is currently a closed military site.)”

3) At the JCPA, Alan Baker looks at ‘How Norway and EU Are Undermining the Oslo Accords’.

“On July 21, 2022, Norway announced its intention to restore funding to Palestinian civil society organizations that Israel considers terror supporters.

Norway and EU member states rejected Israel’s evidence for designating such groups as terror-supporting.

Israel’s October 2021 designation of the six Palestinian NGOs as supporters of terror was based on the link between those NGOs and the Palestinian terror group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The PFLP is considered a terrorist organization by the EU, the United States, Israel, and other countries and is a principal partner in the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces (PNIF), the umbrella organization for Palestinian terror groups. This connection includes channeling funds received from European states and civil society groups.”

4) Khaled Abu Toameh reports on a spate of suicides in the Gaza Strip.

“It has been 15 years since the Islamist Hamas group seized control of the Gaza Strip, home to some two million Palestinians. Since then, the residents of the Gaza Strip have been reminded on a daily basis of the failure of the Iranian-backed group to provide them with decent living conditions. […]

The situation in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip has become so bad that an increasing number of young people have been committing suicide by self-immolation, throwing themselves from rooftops, swallowing large amounts of medicine and hanging.”

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