Guardian fails in coverage of Israel’s war with Gaza terrorists

With the truce having gone into effect last night, ending the three day war between Israel and the antisemitic terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), here are some of the egregious omissions and errors, by the Guardian (including one in The Telegraph) thus far.


They published an Aug. 6 video story characterising a building destroyed by the IDF as “residential” without mentioning, as other outlets did, that it was struck – after the civilians were evacuated – because it was being used by PIJ for military purposes.

(We complained to editors about this omission, but we haven’t yet received a reply.)


Their Jerusalem correspondent, Bethan McKernan, characterised, in an August 8 article, PIJ threats to retaliate against Israel for the arrest of Bassem al-Saadi last week, one of the group’s top West Bank commanders, as an unproven Israeli claim.  In fact, as documented by many news outlets, the group publicly vowed revenge for al-Saddi’s arrest.

(They have thus far failed to correct this error.)


McKernan, in the same article, cited a casualty count for the conflict without acknowledging that the source was the Hamas-run Gaza Health ministry, whose stats conflict with those released by the IDF.  We complained to editors and the article was amended to note the source of the stats, with the following addendum added:

The Telegraph

Middle East correspondent Abbie Cheeseman published an article on Aug. 8th strongly suggesting that all the children killed in Gaza were the result of IDF strikes, without acknowledging that at least four were killed as the result of errant Palestinian rockets – a fact that even Al Jazeera acknowledged.

(We complained to editors, but no correction has been made.)

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