Telegraph buries news of deadly Palestinian terror attack

On Nov. 14th, three Israeli civilians were murdered in a stabbing and car-ramming attack by a Palestinian terrorist in the West Bank city of Ariel.  They were identified as Tamir Avichai, Michael Ladigin, and Moti Ashkenazi – all were fathers of multiple children.

The following day, the Telegraph’s Middle East correspondent James Rothwell published an article on a totally unrelated topic (Wife of Israel’s far-Right figurehead poses with pistol alongside first lady, Nov.15).  Buried within the piece, seven paragraphs down, was this:

It is not unusual for settlers to carry firearms, which they say are necessary to defend themselves from Palestinian attackers. On Tuesday, three Israelis were killed in a Palestinian stabbing and car-ramming attack near the West Bank settlement of Ariel.

That was the only sentence devoted the the deadly incident in Ariel the day before.  Evidently, Rothwell decided that a politician’s wife carrying a pistol was more newsworthy than a Palestinian terror attack which killed three, leaving 11 children fatherless.

Yesterday, Rothwell published another Israel-related article (“Benjamin Netanyahu agrees to legalise illegal West Bank outposts in coalition talks”, Nov. 20).  And, eleven paragraphs down, the journalist again made only passing mention of the deadly attack.

Palestinians have expressed fears that legalizing outposts will embolden the settler movement and lead to more attacks by settlers on them and their land.

It may also increase the risk of Palestinian attacks on settlements, such as the car-ramming and stabbing attack earlier this week in the settlement of Ariel that killed three Israelis.

In contrast to the Telegraph’s two buried sentences on the Ariel attack, even the Guardian published a stand-alone article on the incident (“Palestinian man kills two Israelis in West Bank settlement”, Nov. 15).  The Independent and Daily Mail published articles on the attack as well.

It’s been an especially deadly year for Israel, with twenty-nine Israelis murdered by Palestinian terrorists thus far – the highest annual number killed since 2015.

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  1. says: Neil C

    Rothwell has obviously lost his moral compass, when a picture of someone toting a gun is more important than the lives of three Israeli Jews. Shame on the Telegraph for allowing such blatant support of terror #journalismisdead

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