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1) NGO Monitor has published a reportDocumenting HRW’S “Apartheid” Fabrications’ which were amplified by the BBC at the time.

“In April 2021, Human Rights Watch (“HRW”) released a 217-page publication titled “A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution.” HRW asserted that Israel is an apartheid state both within its pre-1967 territory as well as in the West Bank and Gaza. […]

As documented below in great detail, the HRW publication is fundamentally flawed, using lies, distortions, omissions, and blatant double standards to construct a fraudulent and libelous narrative demonizing Israel. A careful examination of the text shows that HRW conducted almost no primary research. Rather, the text is bloated with cut-and-paste phrases, and quotes and conclusions taken from third-party sources – notably, other political NGOs participating in the same “apartheid” campaign against Israel.”

2) WINEP hosted a panel to discuss ‘Hezbollah and its regional impact as the terrorist group turns forty’.

“This year marks four decades since Hezbollah first appeared on the regional stage, where it has gradually morphed from a Lebanese resistance movement into a global criminal and terrorist syndicate under Iran’s close tutelage. How have the organization’s evolving activities shaped Lebanon’s political scene, its Shia community, and its relations with neighbors during this long history? And what implications do its latest military and economic shifts hold for U.S. policy?”

3) Jonathan Spyer reports on ‘Conversations with Iranian protestors’.

“The Kurdish Iranian opposition groups in northern Iraq combine political and military capacities. But none of them are engaged in active insurgency against Teheran. No one, themselves included, believes that they are in control of the angry crowds of mainly very young people that return to the streets of Iran’s cities night after night to challenge the regime’s security forces.  Why, then, are they being systematically, and brutally, targeted?”

4) The ITIC documents ‘Palestinian reactions to the double terrorist attack in Jerusalem’ on November 23rd.

“The official Palestinian media reported the attack as an event, not a terrorist attack. Senior PA figures did not relate to it at all. The terrorist organizations, especially Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), reported it as singular and praise-worthy. They welcomed it, reporting its complexity and as a reminder to Israel of attacks in the past. In the Gaza Strip and various locations in Judea and Samaria pastries and candy were distributed in celebration.”

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