Throughout the month of November 2022, twenty-three written or filmed reports relating to Israel and/or the Palestinians appeared on the BBC News website’s ‘Middle East’ page, some of which were also published on other pages and three of which were carried over from the previous month.

(dates in brackets indicate the time period – Israel time – during which the item was available on the ‘Middle East’ page)

Four reports concerned terrorism and counter-terrorism operations:

Three Israelis killed by Palestinian in West Bank knife and car attack Raffi Berg (15/11/22 to 16/11/22) discussed here

Autistic Palestinian teen’s killing casts spotlight on Israel tactics Tom Bateman (18/11/22 to 20/11/22) discussed here

Jerusalem bombings: Teenager killed in rare twin attacks at bus stops David Gritten & Tom Bateman (23/11/22 to 25/11/22) discussed here

Five Palestinian men killed in West Bank violence David Gritten (29/11/22 to 1/12/22) discussed here

Of four reports relating to Israel’s foreign relations, two – tagged Israel and carried over from the previous month – concerned the war in Ukraine:

Israel’s balancing act over Ukraine grows trickier after drone strikes Tom Bateman (19/10/22 to 21/10/22 and 27/10/22 to 2/11/22) discussed here

Ukraine war: Growing Russia-Iran ties pose new dangers Jonathan Marcus (21/10/22 to 24/10/22 and 27/10/22 to 3/11/22) discussed here

No plans to move UK’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem – No 10 (3/11/22 to 6/11/22)

Shireen Abu Aqla: Israel rejects US reporter death probe as mistake David Gritten (15/11/22 to 16/11/22) discussed here

One report was about archaeology:

Ancient fish teeth reveal earliest sign of cooking Raffi Berg (15/11/22 to 16/11/22)

One item concerned a story from India:

The Kashmir Files at IFFI: Row over Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s comment (29/11/22)

One item related to the World Cup:

Colombian singer Maluma walks out of Qatar human rights interview (20/11/22 to 30/11/22)

Two reports concerned Palestinian affairs:

Palestinian mayor backtracks after dead dog reward outrage Yolande Knell (11/11/22 to 14/11/22) discussed here

Gaza: At least 21 killed in Jabalia refugee camp fire Rushdi Abu Alouf & George Wright (17/11/22 to 20/11/22) discussed here

Of ten reports concerning internal Israeli affairs, six (discussed here) including one carried over from the previous month, were about the general election:

Israel’s far right advance in polls as election looms Tom Bateman (29/10/22 to 1/11/22) discussed here

Israel election: Netanyahu seeks comeback as country votes Yolande Knell (1/11/22)

Israel elections: Netanyahu set for comeback with far right’s help – partial results Raffi Berg (2/11/22 to 3/11/22)

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s comeback leader Raffi Berg (2/11/22 to 6/11/22 and 8/11/22 to 16/11/22)

Israel elections: Netanyahu election win propels far right to power Yolande Knell (2/11/22 to 7/11/22)

Israel elections: Outgoing PM Lapid congratulates Netanyahu on victory David Gritten (3/11/22 to 7/11/22)

Three items related to post election coalition talks:

Israel PM-elect Netanyahu’s deal plans to bolster settlements Yolande Knell (17/11/22 to 18/11/22) discussed here

Itamar Ben-Gvir: Israeli far-right leader set to join new coalition (25/11/22 to 29/11/22)

Netanyahu signs Israel coalition deal with anti-LGBT Noam party Tom Bateman (28/11/22 to 30/11/22)

One item concerned a legal case:

Israel PM-designate Netanyahu wins libel case against ex-PM Olmert (21/11/22 to 22/11/22)

BBC coverage of internal Palestinian affairs during November did not include PA arrests of students, activists and journalists or Hamas arrests of people who had fired rockets. BBC audiences heard nothing of Mahmoud Abbas’ family trip to the World Cup or the PA police sent to help out Qatar with security at that event. Disagreements between Christians and the PA over Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem did not receive any coverage. Commemorations of terrorists in Gaza and Birzeit went unreported, as did the PA president’s praise for Fatah terrorism. The PA’s recruitment of terrorists from the ‘Lions’ Den’ cell to its security forces was not reported by the BBC and neither was the PASF’s discovery of Palestinian Islamic Jihad explosives laboratories or the discovery of a Hamas tunnel under a UN school in the Gaza Strip.

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