Weekend long read

1) At the JCPA, Eitan Fischberger asks ‘Will Qatar Emerge Victorious in the World Cup Image War?’.

“Chief among Qatar’s cynical tactics – and perhaps the most effective – is steering attention away from its own human rights abuses by allowing for pro-Palestinian messaging during the World Cup and intensifying its anti-Israel propaganda.”

2) At the Times of Israel, Luke Tress reports on how a ‘UN Palestinian rights official’s social media history reveals antisemitic comments’.

“A lawyer heading the UN Human Rights Council’s open-ended investigation into Israel’s treatment of Palestinians said during a 2014 conflict between Israel and Gaza terror groups that the “Jewish lobby” was in control of the United States.

Francesca Albanese, an Italian lawyer, was appointed earlier this year as the UN special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories. […]

A review of her past social media posts, media appearances and talks with activist groups found that aside from inveighing against a “Jewish lobby,” she has also sympathized with terror organizations, dismissed Israeli security concerns, compared Israelis to Nazis and accused the Jewish state of potential war crimes.”

3) Following the UNRWA announcement of the discovery of a terror tunnel under a school earlier this month, the IDF has provided details of rocket launching sites positioned near schools in the Gaza Strip.

“Terrorist organizations stationed rocket launch sites near the Al-Furqan elementary school located in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City. Terrorist organizations launched rockets from the sites near the school throughout Operations Guardian of the Walls and Breaking Dawn, thereby endangering the lives of the students and residents of the Gaza Strip.”

4) At Israel Hayom, Adi Schwartz discusses the recent UN decision to mark ‘Nakba Day’.

“The very existence of a day of mourning for the establishment of the State of Israel, a member of the United Nations since 1949, is unprecedented and goes against the spirit of the UN charter. The decision to celebrate Nakba Day at the UN headquarters in New York is another link in a long chain of decisions that only prolong the conflict.”

5) The FDD has launched an interactive map which tracks “the timing and location of violence perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists as well as responses from Israeli security forces” as well as providing related analysis.

“FDD said it hopes the site will be used by both average readers who want to know more about the conflict, and international organizations or NGOs looking for organized data regarding the violence in the West Bank in the past year.”

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