BBC R4’s Six O’Clock News makes incorrect claim

The January 15th edition of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Six O’Clock News’ included the following item (from 09:56 here):

Newsreader: “The Palestinian authorities say Israeli troops at a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank have shot dead a Palestinian man at point blank range. Witnesses said the man was shot in the neck after he had an argument with Israeli soldiers in the village of Silwad to the north-east of Ramallah. The 45 year-old man, named as Ahmad Kahla, was reportedly told to get out of his car before being shot. There’s been no word from the Israeli authorities.” [emphasis added]

In fact, some seven hours before that item was aired the IDF had put out the following:

That statement had been reported by local media outlets in Hebrew and in English hours before the Radio 4 programme went on air.

“According to the Israel Defense Forces, troops identified a suspicious vehicle near the settlement that allegedly refused to stop for a routine inspection.

“Following the identification of this suspicious activity, the soldiers used riot dispersal means in order to detain one of the suspects in the vehicle,” the IDF said in a statement.

The army said a “violent confrontation” began, during which the suspect attempted to grab a soldier’s gun. “The soldiers used live fire toward the suspect,” the IDF said, adding that he was hit.” [emphasis added]

It is therefore unclear why the ‘Six O’Clock News’ inaccurately claimed that “there’s been no word from the Israeli authorities”, thereby erasing relevant information from the story.

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  1. says: Neil C

    The usual reason was employed, basic BBC antisemitism, they never fail to miss an opportunity to denigrate Israel. No (so called) public body should be allowed to freely display such hatred and racism towards any country let alone the one and only Jewish state with historical rights and archeological proof. They are supposed to report truthful facts and background information, but prefer instead to impose their own bias when it comes to Israel in an attempt to persuade the world that Israel is anything other than a multi-national, multi-cultural democracy. Time to change the status quo and stop forcing UK residents to subscribe to this abomination in order to watch UK TV programming #journalismisdead #defundthebbc

  2. says: Sid+Levine

    This is and must be a case for the UK Jewish Community representative bodies, Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council to ACT IMMEDIATELY.
    It is clear as a bell that the BBC is exhibiting its usual incitement against Israel and Jews to please its minority Muslims.

    UK Jews must raise this issue with their MP’s

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