BBC Radio 4: three inaccuracies in three sentences

Previously we looked at the BBC’s written coverage of a counter-terrorism operation in Jericho on February 6th:


Listeners to BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme on the morning of February 6th heard a twenty-two-second item in the 8 a.m. news bulletin relating to the same story (from 2:06:33 here).

Newsreader: “The Israeli army says it’s killed a number of people it described as armed fighters during a raid on a refugee camp near Jericho in the occupied West Bank. Israeli officials said they wanted to capture Hamas militants suspected of planning an attack last month. The raid is the latest in a series conducted by the Israeli military in refugee camps in the West Bank.” [emphasis added]

The Israeli army did not describe the people killed during that operation as “armed fighters”: the terminology used was “armed terrorists”.

The terrorists concerned were not “suspected of planning an attack” as claimed by the BBC but, as was made clear in the IDF announcement, had already begun to execute that shooting attack when their gun jammed.

The BBC’s claim that the IDF has conducted a series of ‘raids’ “in refugee camps” is of course misleading. The IDF’s counter-terrorism operations take place wherever necessary: some in towns and villages and some in refugee camps such as the one in Jenin and the one adjacent to Jericho. The categorisation of those locations as refugee camps has nothing to do with the decision to carry out operations there, as could be understood from the BBC’s statement by uninformed listeners. The fact that terrorists operate in those locations is the sole relevant factor.

Nevertheless, in just three sentences BBC Radio 4 managed to mislead listeners with inaccurate information no fewer than three times. 

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  1. says: Sid+Levine

    It appears the BBC Today program editors and anchors will do everything in their power to denigrate Israeli defensive operations. How come they do not adhere to the BBC guidelines as shown in this case when they quote from a statement from Israel’s IDF to the UK public deliberately changing “armed terrorists” to “armed FIGHTERS”
    Yet another example of BBC woke antisemitic culture

  2. says: Frank Adam

    Not necessarily Antisemitic – just cowardly for politics and oil or arms contracts.

    Leave “woke” in the WPB as it has woolly meanings and like swearing obstructs the real evidence and arguments.

    If you wish to call somebody ill informed, Marxist or a Moslem Brother, say so. Marxism and Islam have clear agendas and philosophies.

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