Husam Zomlot lies on LBC

Note that at 20 seconds in, he says that, last year, 230 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed by the Israeli army.

As we’ve demonsrated repeatedly in response to BBC obfuscation of the casualty figures, the vast majority of the Palestinians killed during 2022 were affiliated with terrorist organisations and/or were males involved in violent activities at the time, whereas the majority of the Israelis killed last year were civilians. (Also the number killed was 154, not 230.)

It’s also important to note, in the context of Zomot’s subsequent criticism of the media’s putative effort to blame ‘both sides’ for the surge in violence, that, during an interview on Sky News this month, he flatly refused to condemn the Palestinian terrorist who murdered seven Israeli civilians near a Jerusalem Synagogue.

Unfortunately, as we’ve demonsrated repeatedly, Zomlot’s frequent lies about the conflict and and Palestinian terror rarely get called out by British media outlets.

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  1. says: Grimey

    LBC’s Iain Dale should now interview the Israeli ambassador or representative – so that its public can hear the truth on these issues.

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